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The Blue Planet CovidCard (tm) Verification System

New York -- among the 50 states -- has the only vaccination verification cellphone app, while a private company called Vax Something has an phone app you can use for free but only after you surrender a bunch of personal identification including your telephone number and medical data which the company is going to monetize and sell in the future. They have no particular qualifications to do this.

Florida and Texas has outlawed vaccination verification and the federal government has no plans or intention of creating a national database, primarily due to privacy concerns. Although there are countless practical problems and limitations in trying to put something like that togethere, to say nothing of the very high cost. As we all know, the government is not very good at protecting its systems from hackers and the private sector is hacked left and right.

QR Code Verification System Blue Planet's copy of your uploaded card images are private, it is only used to print your wallet card and/or luggage tag. None of the images will be stored on-line or accessible on the internet after production. Images will be stored for future verification and possible law enforcement purposes (only with a court order).

Blue Planet will inspect uploaded photographs and will cancel orders where the validity of the card is suspect. Both sides of the card must be uploaded after payment. The customer will be given a refund if the order is rejected. Obviously we are not going to explain to the general public how that is done.

As more cards are uploaded, we will refine techniques and algorythms to identify fake vaccination cards. This will be possible by looking at the contents of the card which does not include any personal information. For instance, Winn Dixie Pharmacy uses a rubber stamp and red ink. This is difficult to fake and this will establish a base-line for cards from Winn Dixie. Employee signatures will be compared and other steps will be taken to defect fakes.

The reverse side of each card will include a small QR Code printed on a 1.25 x 1.25" glossy water-resistant polyester label. The QR Code has our logo in the center. The QR Code will take you to a verification site where the card is verified. Each card is assigned a 12 to 16 digit number that is randomly generated according to specific guidelines. The QR Code includes the URL of the verification site (which is not published) and the 12 to 16 digit serial number assigned to each customer.

When the card is scanned the user will be taken to a general verification page. This functions as of the first card sold.

Verification of individual cards requires substantial programming. Individual verifications will begin on September 1, 2021. When a card is individually verified, the information presented allows anyone to verify the authenticity of the Blue Planet CovidCard without breaching your individual privacy. The information shown will be your first name, the first and last letters of your last name, the year of your birth, and the date the Blue Planet card was issued. Thus, no personally identifiable information is available on the verification site. The site is blocked from robots and is only revealed when the QR Code is scanned. Phishing attempts will automatically result in the offending IP address being blocked for varying periods of time. Other security measures are also being taken to prevent the site from being scrapped or otherwise compromised, although any data obtained will be otherwise useless and will be encrypted up until the moment of display.

If in the future there is a governmental or universal covid vaccination verification system it will be easy to become integrated, although the information our system provides will be limited as described above, so that no personal privacy is lost. Our system assures total privacy and safety as there is no personally identifiable information on the site.


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