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The Blue Planet CovidCard (tm) Verification System

How it all Works

The Wallet Card is only $14.95. Additional copies are only $7.00 each. The Hanging Tag is $18.95 and additional copies are $8.00 each (without clip, lanyard or cable). $10.00 with.

You can order the Wallet Card and/or the Hanging tag (i.e. luggage tag) and also order extra copies at a reduced price. The hanging tag includes a Blue Lanyard, an ID Badge Clip with Strape, and while supplies last a free 5-6" Stainless Steel Cable with screw ends. Pay with any debit or credit card or your PayPal account. Other payment methods are available, see HowToOrder.

Blue Planet HP 4600 Lasers You will then be taken to the photo upload page. Upload images of the front and back of your CDC Covid vaccination card from your mobile phone or other device, or your personal computer. You can also use a digital camera or a computer connected scanner and then upload with a personal computer. Use whatever device provides the best resolution.

Instructions: Be sure to properly light your card. Hold the camera level so the card appears square and mostly fills the frame. The image quality of the cards we produce is only as good as your original photograph.

We will print your card(s) on heavy (24 or 28 lb.) fine paper stock on enterprise grade H.P Color Laserjet 4600 printers. Two of our 6 printers are shown above. The printed card will be die cut with rounded corners and then heat laminated with 10 ml (the thickest available) wallet size lamination plastic (as shown on the site).

The reverse of the card will have a 1.25" x 1.25" glossy polyester water-resistant label (laminated under the plastic) containing a QR Code with our logo in the middle. The QR Code can be scanned and will take you to a verification page on a separate secure website. The QR Code also includes a 12 to 16 digit number that will provide individual verifications.

Due to heavy demand, production time will take 5 to 10 days. Orders are shipped First Class Mail with tracking.


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